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Cover of The Legend of The Lady In White Who Paranormal Fiction Paper Back Book - Railroad Tracks

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The Lady In White Who?

Paranormal Fiction Paperback Book

"The Lady In White Who?" is the second book of "The Lady In White" paranormal book series. Learn what happens after Emma and her family leave Marceline and a dark spirit begins to terrerize the happy little town.

The author takes you on a journey again with new ghostly characters along with the continued story of Emma, Edwin, Grace, and Lila.

Find out if Marceline will continue to be a peaceful place, or if evil will take over the town.

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Ever since the beginning of Marceline, the citizens took pride in their town. From the beautiful brick buildings to the inviting downtown park, for many growing up there, it was hard leaving their beloved town to pursue their future schooling, work, or search for a better financial future. For many of those who left, a place in their heart was kept for Marceline. The love that would tie them to the town not only in life, but also in death....

Darkness poured down upon the city after Emma and her family began their next journey of the afterlife. The unselfish energy, that the four of them emitted, was removed so abruptly that it took a long while for the city to recover. Even though most of the living citizens had never seen the spiritual family, or didn’t believe they ever existed, they still could feel the ramifications of the loss. For the majority of the population, they had no idea of what had changed so dramatically in the little city overnight. Most assumed that it was a personal problem of their own, or that their family had to be coming down with an illness. Very few realized that the gloominess that fell over Marceline, like a dark invisible cloud, was being felt by all the citizens. It took days for the people to gain back their joy and laughter, weeks to find peace, and a months to get over the change so they could feel like their old selves.

The Lady in White Who Book Quote: When the evening turned to twilight, a dark figure appeared in the middle of the main street. The fuzzy edged shape was hard to focus on as it made its way through the shadows of the night....