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Would you write as a pseudonym author?

One question many authors are asked is if they would ever write as a pseudonym author. I will ask the question back, why do you think I am not already writing as a pseudonym author? There are fantastic reasons that an author would take on an alias.....

Posted by Admin on November 30, 2021

A Quiet Reflection Before Thanksgiving

As I sit in my favorite chair on an early Saturday morning, I enjoy the quit before the start of the day. As I listen to the clock ticking the seconds away I gaze out of my window and reflect. I reflect on the summer that just passed in what seemed like a blink of an eye. I remember the family trip to the Indiana Sand Dunes in July. I miss the sand between my toes and the warm wind that blew across....

Posted by Admin on November 20, 2021

My Favorite Newspaper Snippets

Searching through newspapers to find the most important news clippings for my book, 1870-1920 History of Towns in Missouri Through Newspaper Snippets, was not only education, but also quite fascinating. Many days I felt as if I was transported to the past. I got to read about horse chases, the transition from candle light to electrity, the building of new towns, but also the decline of less fortunate ones.

Posted by Admin on August 15, 2021

What is my story inspiration?

Inspiration comes in many places that changes depending upon if I am about to begin or am in the middle of a story. My first book, “The Lost Key” was inspired by my nightmares as a child. I remember many vivid dreams that still haunt me to this day. Well into my adulthood, one morning....

Posted by Admin on May 6, 2021

“The Lady In White Who?”

“The Lady In White Who?”, the second book in my “The Lady In White” series is ready to be downloaded on Amazon. After I finished writing the first Lady in White book, I wasn’t planning on writing another book about the ghostly being. My mind was changed during and after “The Lady In White” book....

Posted by Admin on October 30, 2020

Website Design Kansas City

How did I get started being a website designer in Kansas City? My web design career started clear back in the late 1990s in Marceline, Missouri. I worked for a small publishing company which gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in many subjects. Not only did I learn book design, pagination, photo colorization....

Posted by Admin on September 13, 2020

Ending of The Whispering Wind

After an easy search Elliot found the name and address of Allice, surprisingly she only lived a few blocks from his house! After arriving back home from the library, Elliot tried to gather enough confidence to call Allice. “She is going to think I am a nut job!”, he thought to himself. When he began....

Posted by Admin on September 2, 2020

The Whispering Wind Post 4

Jumping out of bed he took a fast shower, ate some breakfast, and headed to City Hall. After what felt like hours, Elliot had learned the names of the previous owners of the house. “I will get to the bottom of this!”, he thought. With the list in his hand he decided to go back....

Posted by Admin on August 22, 2020


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