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What is my story inspiration?

May 6, 2021

Inspiration comes in many places that changes depending upon if I am about to begin or am in the middle of a story. My first book, The Lost Key was inspired by my nightmares as a child. I remember many vivid dreams that still haunt me to this day. Well into my adulthood, one morning I awoke from a dream that I thought felt more like watching a movie. At that moment, I decided to jot down what it was about, so I wouldn't forget it. It felt good to get the thoughts out of my mind and onto paper, and I decided at that moment that I wanted to use that dream, along with my childhood nightmares to create a story. I had no plan on publishing it, but when it was all finished I was driven to share it with the world.

My mind is always finding a story in the strangest times. Just the other day I was driving home, along an overgrown road. I was thinking about how easily a deer could jump out of the overgrowth and run in front of me. That thought got my brain spinning on what if it wasn’t a deer, but a human. What if a human jumped out in front of me while I was going down the road? What if this person was running away from some sort of person or animal that was trying to do him/her harm? I began to wonder what that person would have to look like, or how they would have to act to make me stop to help. We have all been warned countless times to never stop for strangers, but what would make you stop? The thoughts came pouring into my mind of how I could craft a story with just this idea while I was driving down a road.

Inspiration for a story is never too far away, it is more of a question of which inspiration I would want to play in my mind long enough to write a good book.

I can't wait to hear what you think about the new book!

Jodee Patel