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Photo Colorization,
Retouching and Manipulation

It is sometimes hard to imagine the past in color, because all of our old photos are in black and white. Jodee's Web would love to add realistic color to your old photos. We can also help you with your new photos. We give more attention to the subject of the photograph by turning the background of the portrait to black and white.

Many old photographs have been torn, scratched or even faded with time. Let us restore them by taking out the blemishes. To get started, scan your photograph, then email, along with any special notes. Example: (If you know if you have a preference in colors, or anything that you would like done to your photograph(s)). When your order is complete, we will email you sample(s) of your photograph(s), along with your invoice. Once your payment has been made, and your sample(s) approved, we will email you the finished high resolution order.


Prices for pictures (finished product is emailed)

Colorizing Black and White Photos
— $30 per image (This price includes fixing photo imperfections.)

Decolorizing Color Photos
— $10 per image

Restoring Photos
— $20 per image (1 to 10 photos)
— $15 per image (11 to 20 photos)
— $10 per image (21 or more)

Send me a message to get started!


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