The Whispering Wind Post 3

Elliot held onto the knob and slowly began to twist. Even though the room was feeling colder Elliot’s hand was wet with perspiration. When the knob would turn no more he slowly pulled the door open, at that moment an unnatural coolness escaped.

“I heard you, how can I help?”, Elliot questioned. After waiting so long for an answer, Elliot was startled by a low whisper, “Help… Tell… daughter… I’m alright…” In an instant the coolness of the room disappeared. Elliot knew that the spirit was gone for the night. “Who is your daughter?”, he questioned to himself.

Elliot laid in bed with many questions running through his mind, but soon drifted off to sleep. In the morning he awoke with a mission. He knew he had to find the spirit’s daughter if he ever wanted to rid his room of the whispering wind.

Story to be continued…

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