Let’s Start A Blog Story.

Would you like to go on a journey with me to write a short story? If your answer is yes, you are in luck!

I like to give my story a title before I even begin to write it. I may not always stick with the title, but it can get my creative juices flowing. Let’s call it….. “The Whispering Wind”.

We now have to have a main character. We shall call him Elliot. And now it is time to begin!

The Whispering Wind

A red haired man named Elliot lay alone in his quaint little one bedroom house. He never really feels alone though, he constantly hears the whispering of the wind when the day draws to a close. Unfortunately he had never been able to understand what it said, though he had spent many sleepless nights listening. Elliot finally got his break, the night before he was able to understand one word, help. “Help? Who or what am I suppose to help?”, he questioned out loud.

As he paced back and forth across his bedroom, he waited for the inevitable whisper. As if hearing it for the first time, Elliot stopped on the spot as soon as the enchanting whisper began.

Story to be continued…

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