“The Lady In White Who?”

“The Lady In White Who?”, the second book in my “The Lady In White” series is ready to be downloaded on Amazon.

After I finished writing the first Lady in White book, I wasn’t planning on writing another book about the ghostly being. My mind was changed during and after “The Lady In White” book signing at the Marceline Library. I met many people with their own tales of not only the Lady in White sightings, but supposedly other ghost that roam around Marceline. Therefor I just couldn’t leave the first book ending the way I did.

In “The Lady In White Who?”, you will find not only your favorite Marceline ghosts, but many other spirits will be introduced. I hope you enjoy hunting down the dark spirit that is wreaking havoc at Marceline, and enjoy the journey to bring Marceline back to harmony.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about the new book!

Jodee Patel

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