Website Design Kansas City

How did I get started being a website designer in Kansas City?

My web design career started clear back in the late 1990s in Marceline, Missouri. I worked for a small publishing company which gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in many subjects. Not only did I learn book design, pagination, photo colorization, and other publishing skills, I also learned web design.

I remember my boss asking me if I would learn a web design software so I could help him build his company website. I was thrilled at the idea, but also a little freaked out that I was going to be learning something completely out of my comfort zone. But I jumped in with both feet and learned all I could, and in no time we had the company website up and going.

Even after I left my hometown of Marceline, the web design knowledge stayed with me, and I soon began making my own web pages, along with websites for other businesses.

After relying on Dreamweaver for so many years, I began to dabble with writing my own code. I have been writing my own HTML and CSS for many years. But being a web designer, my skills must constantly grow. I now am focusing on learning JavaScript and website SEO, but those subjects may be a post for another day!

Through the years I have advanced my knowledge, and now I live in Kansas City, Missouri. But even though I moved from my hometown, I still hold on to my roots in Marceline. I even continue to maintain the Marceline Carnegie Library’s website. I hope one day to get to work beside you on your website goals!

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