Ending of The Whispering Wind

After an easy search Elliot found the name and address of Allice, surprisingly she only lived a few blocks from his house!

After arriving back home from the library, Elliot tried to gather enough confidence to call Allice. “She is going to think I am a nut job!”, he thought to himself. When he began to hear the first whispers from his bedroom float down the stairs, he decided he had to call Allice.

Allice picked up the other end on the second ring. “Hello, Allice?”, Elliot questioned. After he confirmed it was her he continued, “I am very sorry to call you at such a late hour, but I really needed to give you a message. My name is Elliot and I bought your mother’s old house.” Elliot could hear Allice take in a deep breath, “I have no good way to tell begin, but please hear me out. I believe your mother’s spirit has a message for you. She told me to tell you that she is alright.”

Allice began to laugh on the other end of the phone. Laughter was the last thing that Elliot thought he would hear from her. “I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have called you,” Elliot said. Allice stopped laughing, “No, I’m sorry, I should explain what is so funny. I never believed in ghost and supernatural beings, but my mother did. The day before my mothers passing we happen to have had a discussion about the very subject. My mother told me that after she passes, she will send me a message, just to prove that she was right and I was wrong. And apparently she has made good on her promise!”

Elliot explained to her about the whispering and all he had experienced. “If you wouldn’t mind, can I come over to see for myself?”, Allice questioned. Elliot was more than happy to have Allice come by.

When Allice walked into the bedroom, a cool breeze blew and a bright ball of light flew around the room. “Oh mother, you always were one for a big performance!”, Allice spoke. With the comfort of being able see her daughter one more time, the loving spirit whispered one last thing, “Love you forever my daughter.”

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