The Whispering Wind Post 4

Jumping out of bed he took a fast shower, ate some breakfast, and headed to City Hall. After what felt like hours, Elliot had learned the names of the previous owners of the house. “I will get to the bottom of this!”, he thought. With the list in his hand he decided to go back home and do some internet research.

One name at a time, Elliot did a thorough Google search. He learned his house had many amazing owners, which wasn’t surprising since it had been built in the late 1800s. The first owner was a doctor, one was a saddle maker, but the owner that stuck out the most was the previous owner. He had no idea he had purchased the house from a magician!

When Elliot’s internet searching brought up no other information, he decided to see what he could learn from the library. After he found the library’s newspaper archive Elliot began his research.

“Mrs. Granger, age 92, passed away on February 14. As well as being a wife and mother, she was also an amazing magician. Her death may have been tragic, but her memory will live on in the hearts of all her family and friends. Mrs. Granger is survived by one son, William; one daughter Allice and five great-grandchildren.”

Elliot finished reading the Obituary. “William is the gentleman I bought the house from,” Elliot thought to himself, “I wonder where Allice is?”

Story to be continued…

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